Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Getting over the Thanksgiving Blues?

If you live in Trieste, you may already know that Thanksgiving comes early at the Italian American Association. This year we will have it the Saturday BEFORE. That means THIS Saturday, November 21, 2015. Here is how it works:

You must be a member of the Association (if you are not yet, why not? It's cheap and includes our film series at the Cinema dei Fabbri and you can check out books and DVDs).
Come to our office and get your tickets.
They are 15 euros for adults and 5 euros for children.

BROWNIE POINT OPPORTUNITY: If you are married to an Italian, bring your Mother-in-Law. It is a great way for her to get to know your culture without actually having to cook for her yourself (and be subjected to her complaints about the Sweat on the Pumpkin Pie or that she doesn't like sweet and savory together. In fact, she will probably see other people enjoying the food enormously and decide to do the same!)

There will be music. Yes, a live band.

It is the Greatest Party we throw all year (and we know how to throw a Great Party, if I do say so myself!) so you should come.

We have a limit of 100 people, and we are getting close, so you should sign up tomorrow, just in case. It always sells out.

It is a pot luck. We make the turkeys (yes, there will be THREE!), Americans bring the traditional side dishes and Pumpkin Pie, Italians can bring wine and/or dessert.

See you Saturday! More info here.  

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thinking in a Foreign Language is like Meditation.

If you can do one, you can do the other. I blogged about it here on my consulting website. You may find it interesting. At least I hope so!

Sunday, May 17, 2015


We were driving around in Prepotto yesterday (Slovene PRAPROT, I love saying that with a man's voice. I sound Russian) looking for a place to park so we could go to an Osmizza (Da Marisa. It's one of the best if you ask me. Check it out. She is always in May) and there were some tables and benches out there FULL of people. Everyone eating eating eating and drinking and drinking and drinking.

Well, what were they eating? You ask.

Well, you Meat Eaters, ever had Roasted Bull?

Because, that was what they were eating: slices of an apparently DELICIOUS BULL THAT WAS SPINNING AROUND ON A GIANT SPIT. The whole body. All of it. Charred head, thorax, hind-end. There for all to contemplate as it made its slow spin.

That was at 3pm.

When we passsed it again at 11pm (yes, good Osmizza) it was still spinning and they were still slicing. This time it was mostly charred bones.

An animal that big on a spit. Even the husband said "Fa Impression!"

You can't make this stuff up. It was really really weird.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

El Tram de Opcina in English

Going to the Osmizza people? I wish for you a sing along on this fine day. Here is a classic Triestino song and my pathetic translation. 

(The Opicina Tram)

E anche el tram de Opcina xe nato disgrazià
(well even the Opicina tram was born unlucky)

Vignindo zo de Scorcola 'na casa el ga ribaltà.
(coming down by Scorcola a house fell over)

Bona de Dio che jera giorno de lavor,
(and would you believe it was a work day)

e drento no ghe jera che el povero frenador!
(and inside there was nobody but the brakes guy)

E come la bora che vien e che va,
(and like the Bora that comes and goes)

i dixi che 'l mondo se ga ribaltà!
(they say that the world fell over)

E come la bora che vien e che va,
(and like the Bora that comes and goes)

i dixi che 'l mondo se ga ribaltà!
(they say that the world flipped over)

E anche el tram de Servola xe nato disgrazià.
(well even the Tram of Servola was born unlucky)

Corendo in Galeria in piazza el xe sbrissà.
(speeding in the tunnel, in the piazza crashed)

Drento ghe jera diverso personl
(inside there were a bunch of people)

che se ga ribaltado e se ga fato mal!
(who fell over and hurt themselves!)

E come la bora che vien e che va...
(and like the bora that comes and goes...)

Col "due" se va a Servola, col "quatro" in Arsenal,
(you take the "2" to Servola, and the "4" to Arsenal)

col "sie" se va a Barcola, col "cinque" in Ospedal
(the "6" to Barcola, the "5" to the hospital)

col "uno" in Zimitero, col "sette" alla Stazion,
(the "1" to the cemetery, the "7" to the station)
col "nove" in Manicomio, col "diese" in Canon!
(the "9" to the Sanitorium, the "10" to the jailhouse)

E anche 'ste mulete tute mate pe' l' capèl,
(and even these young girls who are crazy for hats)

le zerca de compagnarse a qualche bel putel;
(are looking for a handsome guy)

ma co le 'riva a casa se senti un gran bordel,
(but when they get home they hear a loud commotion)

e pare, mare e fia copa i zimisi col martel!
(and seems like mom and daughter are playing with a hammer)

E come la bora che vien e che va...
(and like the bora that comes and goes)

L'Italia ga pan bianco, la Francia ga bon vin,
(Italy has white bread, France has got good wine)

Trieste ga putele, tute carighe de morbin,
(Trieste has girls, all full of happiness)

carbon ga l'Inghiltera, la Rusia ga cavial
(Coal has England, Russia's got caviar)

e l'Austria ga capuzi che no se pol magnar!
(and Austria's got sourcraut that you can't eat)

E come la bora che vien e che va...
(and like the Bora that comes and goes...)


I am not going to lie to you. I am getting TIRED of eating out. Everything tastes bland to me, run-of-the-mill, ordinary. Boring. 

But last night I had a GREAT EXPERIENCE. I had the best pizza I have had in about a lifetime at the Pizzeria at Porto Piccolo (Sistiana). It is called L'Oro di Napoli. Here is a list of what I liked about it. 

The Place

1. When you walk in the Pizzaiolo, Giuseppe walks out from around his pizza-making island and greets you personally. 

2. The look of the place is very clean and modern and beautiful (the photo on the link I just put does not do it justice). Take a walk around. The theme is the Sofia Loren movie, by the way. That is where the name comes from. It is not a reference to the type of pizza.

The Pizzaiolo 


4. He uses only NON-GENETICALLY-MODIFIED FLOUR that is HAND-GROUND with stone. It is more than Whole Wheat. It is GORGEOUS.

5. If you ask him he will make you a mystery pizza. That is what I did. I love TRUSTING A PROFESSIONAL. My only requirement was that it be VEGETARIAN. 

The Pizza

6. My pizza was a white (no tomato sauce) with Cream of Fava beans and mint, pecorino cheese, something else I can't remember, but THE RESULT WAS WONDERFUL. 

My tastebuds jumped to their feet and shouted 


Go to this place. Tell your friends. 

It is my new favorite. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Real Reason WE drink Cappuccino AFTER Dinner.

I tried my best to Explain. Remember this story and be PROUD to ask for that delicious dessert-like dirnk after supper.

I support you!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Another Record for Trieste

I believe this fine town has a record number of PAJAMA and SLIPPER STORES per capita for the entire Peninsula. 

Complete list coming. 

Just kidding. There is one on each block downtown.